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V. S. Platek  P. Eng.

Vlad Platek P. Eng. is the President and founder of Platek Services Incorporated (PSI), an engineering design and project management services company located in Mississauga.                 Platek Services Inc., is registered with the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.     Mr. Platek is a seasoned professional engineer that has been involved in major engineering projects, across Canada, for over 30 years with many major Canadian commercial and multi-residential property management corporations. He has extensive engineering, project management and construction management experience in large electrical and building HVAC infrastructure systems (switchboards, chillers, boilers etc) including vast experience with building automation, energy management projects and renewable energy installations. Vlad has over 30 years experience with base building critical electrical and HVAC systems supporting data processing equipment requiring uninterruptible 24-7 operations. He is a member of several professional engineers’ associations in Canada, including Professional Engineers Ontario and is a member of BOMA and GTAA. Over the years, he headed up dedicated teams of professional engineers, designers, CAD specialists and project managers.
Vlad was responsible for multi-million dollar programs such as energy saving retrofits, national security system alarm network management and major renovations to call centre and data centre facilities at a major financial institution and provided         in-house engineering support for capital projects, energy management, engineering, and project implementation at a major property management company. Mr. Platek has diverse managerial skills in the engineering, project and construction management fields.  He is a team builder and is capable of producing revenue growth, energy savings, operational cost savings and efficiency improvements by responding to customer requirements with respect to budgets, time schedules and objectives. The customer comes first. Focus is placed on staff development and proper resource allocation to the satisfaction of the client. Mr. Platek recognizes that diversification, leadership and relationship management with clients as well as with suppliers and contractors creates alignment between trades and consultants and creates an environment for continued client satisfaction and retention.


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Published: July 1, 2011



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