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Our Mission

We are a customer-focused group of professionals dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of engineering design and construction management services. Team relationships are established with each customer in order to help them meet their business objectives.

We are an organization that our customers can trust for experience, quality, reliability and integrity, because we do it right the first time, on budget, on design and on time. Our company is a place where people want to work, learn, and grow.

Our Company

PLATEK Services Incorporated focuses exclusively on delivering the best project development and fulfillment experience for our customers. Through teamwork relationships, PLATEK Services Incorporated helps its customers meet their business objectives with the highest levels of quality, reliability and integrity. The company delivers its engineering design and project management services to building owners, tenants and clients through its full-service design, project coordination and construction management operations; and with its seamlessly integrated group of highly experiences design and project professionals.

PLATEK Services Incorporated is a full-service engineering design and management expert consultant; providing engineering and building project fulfillment services such as project and construction management and design-build services for new construction and renovation projects: Commercial, Institutional & Industrial.


The Design - Bid - Build Approach

In a majority of cases, we propose the conventional competitive bid process approach. This process is highly effective when the client has a preset, perhaps constrained budget, is flexible with the design parameters and has allotted adequate time to follow a traditional design, bid and award process. In this case, everything is documented on contract drawings and specifications prior to bidding. We manage the design process and the design consultants. On behalf of the client, we manage the project process and project documentation is put to tender to pre-qualified contractors. Competition provides the client with different options and alternatives and this results in a highly competitive price brought forward by the successful contractor that has been pre-qualified to do a great job.  

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The Design-Build Approach

We believe that the client is not always best served by the conventional competitive bid process. Often, considerable time and money is spent in the design phase before an accurate budget can be established or before a contractor is selected. In our design-build approach we satisfy the client by balancing the demands of cost, quality and time by offering our clients the design-build alternative. We put forward a team of highly specialized contractors and establish the budget, the schedule and the design with client clearly in charge. This alternative provides the client with an open book approach. Our company is appointed by the client as the lead project manager, with a single source of responsibility throughout the course of the project. We report directly to the client's prime representative. A spirit of cooperation prevails. The client wins with the final result being a project on time, on budget and on design. 

A recent study showed that the Design-Build approach results in 6% lower unit costs, 12% faster construction progress and an overall 33% faster delivery schedule from design inception to construction completion as compared to the traditional method of Design-Bid-Build.

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Outline of Services

Listed below are some of the many services we can provide you with; incorporating quality and know-how into your every job.


Electrical Engineering
Voice and Data Communication Design
HVAC Engineering
Structural Engineering
Security Systems Design
Life and Safety
Value added Engineering


Preliminary scheduling to determine long lead items, phasing, etc.
Feasibility and reviews
Early accurate information - labor, material pricing, etc.
Cost Estimating 
Budgeting/cost-modeling and feasibility studies
Help with consultant selection
Regulatory investigation
Zoning and code compliance
Site evaluation and selection
Bid packaging
Value engineering
Best value selection of subcontractors and suppliers
Status reporting

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Critical Path Scheduling 
Performance appraisal of work
Cost management and control
Shop drawings and records
Quality control
Safety management
Subcontractor management
Status reporting

Certificate of occupancy
As-built documentation
Warranty programs
Moving services

Development Services

Development consulting
Pro-forma review
Land acquisition
Feasibility studies
Pre-development financing

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Customized Working Arrangements

All client needs are special and different, all written understandings are tailor-made under a variety of project delivery methods, including:

Construction Management
Negotiated General Contractor
Turnkey - Land acquisition and/or financing, as well as leasing
Traditional lump-sum bid from completed bid documents

Our Corporation

PLATEK Services Incorporated is a 100% Canadian, federally incorporated company, with the Head Office based in Mississauga and a branch office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Opportunities at PLATEK Services Incorporated

We're hiring! We are seeking designers, engineers, CAD operators and project managers.  Interested?  Please send your resume by email to the Manager of Human Resources, at email address: Please note that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

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