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Vlad S. Platek P. Eng.

Vlad Platek P. Eng. is the General Manager of Platek Services Incorporated (PSI), an engineering design and project management services company located in Mississauga.    Platek Services Inc., is registered with the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.    Mr. Platek is a seasoned professional engineer that has been involved in major engineering projects, across Canada, for over 30 years with many major Canadian corporations. He has extensive engineering, project management and construction management experience in large electrical and building HVAC infrastructure systems (switchboards, chillers, boilers etc) including vast experience with building automation, energy management projects and renewable energy installations. >> [more]



Gloria Ku,

Spec. Hons. B.A.

With 10 years in the administration field, Gloria is the Office Administrator, who looks after customer service, office management (including Human Resources), and organizational requirements, while maintaining confidentiality. She has great interpersonal skills and looks after both the staff and clients in a friendly and proficient manner. Gloria is a “people person”. She has a good sense of humor, and makes time for everyone, no matter how busy she is.



Cristina Mates, B. Sc.

 Cristina Mates, B. Sc., brings forward many years of experience both from Canada and abroad. Her professional experience ranges from participating in many engineering data communication and  infrastructure projects to design and engineering of lighting and power distribution systems, fire alarm and security systems and engineering of Electronic Sub-metering Systems. Cristina possesses strong AutoCAD skills and is capable of leading a large production/ CAD team and ensure that the quality is top of the line. She has experience in the development of corporate engineering standards.



Rick Takacs, P. Eng.

Rick has been in the mechanical design, testing and commissioning field for over fifteen  years. He has years of valuable experience in HVAC and mechanical building systems design, operation, as well as energy efficiency in multi-residential, commercial and industrial buildings. He has designed projects of different scale and complexity in commercial, institutional and industrial fields. Rick has been involved in a number of high profile projects including commissioning services for major projects.  



Dodd Patterson

Dodd Patterson has been in the security systems business for over 30 years. He possesses the expertise and resources to design and project manage very complex security systems. These include: Access Control Systems, Digital Video Recording and Closed Closed Circuit Video, Alarm and Duress systems, Fire Management systems and Security Systems Networking and Integration. Dodd can assist the client with developing realistic budgets, reviewing and assessing the latest security equipment and designing systems that optimize the client's capital budget. Dodd can manage any security systems project from start to finish to ensure a satisfactory completion. 




Danny Leung, P. Eng.


Danny Leung, P. Eng. is a consultant with plenty of experience in power generation, operations, projects, and design of power distribution, lighting, building security, nuclear waste handling, food packaging, metal working, pulp & paper manufacturing industries. Emphasis on project implementation, production, automation, plant and process improvement, problem solving, cost reduction, preventive maintenance, computerization and engineering support. 



Tommy Ing

Tommy has over 15 years of experience in the HVAC and mechanical building systems field, including design and operation, as well as energy efficiency of buildings.  He has been involved with many different projects over the years, of different difficulty, of different size and complexity. His experience includes commercial, institutional and industrial projects, both designing new construction projects as well as major renovations. Tommy has been involved with project management and has significant construction management experience.



Kaushik Bhattacharjee    

B. Eng.

Kaushik is a  graduate electrical  engineer (senior member ,IEEE, Inc USA), with over seven years  of experience in the field of energy management. He has carried out energy audits/feasibility studies of  large institutional, commercial buildings, manufacturing industries,  oil refineries, chemical and process industries , 2000MW power plants etc. Kaushik is very knowledgeable in power systems and also has training and experience in renewable energy generation systems such as wind.




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