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Introducing PSI Energy Services !


Our mission is to provide our customers with a package of energy savings options. These will be carefully reviewed to create the best payback value for our clients.  Our energy management program includes energy measurement, energy conservation and renewable energy generation.


We will design it and we’ll build it for you.

What Can PSI offer?


·     Energy Audits: Let our professional energy team analyze and profile your utility bills to determine the most promising areas of savings. 

·         Energy Saving Feasibility Studies: We can provide you with an engineering survey of electrical and mechanical systems and operations. Some of the potential saving options that may interest you are power quality issues, power factor correction, variable frequency motor drive upgrades as well as building automation enhancements. 

·        Complete Design and Build solutions: We will design what we recommend. After we have reviewed all the options, scope and costing of any of the energy savings initiatives, we will design the solution that is right for you, at the right cost and with the right products. All designs will follow acceptable engineering practices and all drawings will be engineering for construction purposes, ready for permit application and implementation. We are authorized by the Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer you expert engineering services.


·         Metering and sub-metering (“What gets measured gets managed!”): We will design and supply a metering system composed of steam, power, gas or water meters that will give you accurate energy usage profiles to show you what is being used, when it is being used and by whom.  Just click and browse to see your information securely, over the internet. 

·     Lighting retrofits: Updating ballasts and lowering wattage, along with lighting controls and occupancy sensing will pay back in a few years.  Lighting retrofits: Updating ballasts and lowering wattage, along with lighting controls and occupancy sensing will pay back in a few years.  

·     VFD Solutions: Variable Speed Drives reduce energy and provide effective controls to save on operational costs.

·     Power Reduction Technologies: Power Factor correction equipment offers an alternative to building managers to reduce their energy costs by installing technologies that reduce energy at the motor running constantly or intermittently and where VFD alternatives are not appropriate.

·     Chiller (compressor oil) refrigerants  : A new alternative in saving energy at the cooling source. Chillers are one of the biggest power consumers. Take a look at what our products offer to reduce up to 10% of the chiller energy coats by applying the compressor cooling refrigerant oil to your chilled water systems.


·        Alternate and Renewable Energy Sources: PSI will work closely with you to design, supply and install renewable energy generating systems. Most importantly, we will show our clients how they can introduce economical “green” energy generating systems driven by solar and wind power. Several government incentives and write-offs will allow clients to install a solar or wind generating plant at minimal cost.   


·       Building Automation Systems: Let us help you determine if you need a more sophisticated building automation system or we will determine if you are getting the most out of your existing automation system.  


·       Energy Financial Programs: We will provide you with the assistance and expertise in public and private sector financing programs and incentives to get your projects on the right track quickly.   


“Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer professional engineering services.”


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