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Incentives available for various sources will pay for a major part of the cost of doing a comprehensive audit for you.

Additional incentives will help pay for the upgrade and implementation of your project.
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Energy Audit

We will do a technical and performance auditing and report on all areas of energy and (optionally) on water consumption, maintenance and environmental performance that result from the existing equipment and operational practice. 

This audit will be sufficiently comprehensive to enable proper definition of energy upgrade recommendations and estimated investment returns. An Implementation Plan for the recommended upgrades will be possible from this information, in addition to completion of the Go Green Plus documentation.

The primary deliverable for this phase will be an Audit Report which includes the following:

·                     A system by system technical inventory and condition survey;
·                     Determination of energy intensity and achievable energy targets;
·                     Determination of all potential energy retrofit projects;
·                     Recommendations for immediate action regarding maintenance and/or
            conservation initiatives which arose from the condition assessments;
·                     Capital upgrade recommendations and financials;

From this report, a successful Enbridge, Hydro, NRCAN, or BOMA Go Green Plus submission as well as a detailed retrofit upgrade program will be possible for the complete building.

Energy Audit Report

 We will do a system based survey and technical inventory.

 The following building systems shall be included as applicable:

  • Boiler Plant / Heating System
  • Chiller Plant / Cooling System
  • Compressed air system
  • Domestic hot water system
  • Fan and pump systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Process systems
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Plumbing systems


Some condition surveys use qualitative matrices to break down the system on a component by component basis and score the condition of the related facilities to provide an overall ranking. This is one indicator used to assess retrofit potential.

Utility Services Assessment

 Tabulation and analysis of historical consumption levels and patterns for electrical power, natural gas (or other fossil fuels) and (optionally – if required) water.  The consumption data will be normalized as appropriate for evaluation purposes. This facilitates the following:

  • Definition of aggregate energy and (optionally) water usage patterns;

  • Establishes benchmarks of current performance;

  • Comparison to industry average energy intensity benchmarks;

  • When combined with the analysis of potential energy reduction projects will allow achievable energy targets to be established

Evaluation of Energy Use Patterns

This step involves compilation of the following information: 

  • Electrical load inventory
  • Thermal energy use inventory
  • Compressed air system inventory
  • Water consumption inventory (optional)
  • Power demand profiles
  • Assessment of equipment scheduling



 Analysis of Energy Retrofit Potential

 The report will include the following recommendations:

  • Inventory


  • Assessment of energy management and conservation opportunities;
  • Assessment of technically viable energy upgrade projects;
  • Financial analysis and ranking of capital upgrade projects;
  • Applicable Utility Incentive Plan Subsidies available
  • Costs


  • Payback


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