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Overview of Mission Critical Services


Our professional approach to engineering your critical systems goes beyond that of the ordinary.

We’re committed to understanding your needs and providing you with value added services while maintaining your high quality control standards. Our mission is to establish a strong long term relationships by understanding your needs, analyzing them, understanding your systems and recommending your best alternatives. We will team up with critical systems suppliers, quality contractors and your staff, to assess the maintainability, availability and reliability of your critical systems and provide you with sustainable recommendations to deal with any shortcomings. When it’s all said and done, your critical systems will have the reliability that you look for in first class critical 7-24 sites.


With our staff on your team, you can rest assured that you will have...


·         Staff familiar with critical systems, their application and performance.

·         Professionals dedicated to supporting your critical needs

·         Extensive experience and capabilities.

·         Responsiveness

·         Assignments completed on time and on budget.

·         One point of contact for all your engineering needs.


Collectively, we have a proven record in planning, innovating, coordinating, problem solving, and day to day decision making that provide:           


-                      A wide range of electrical and mechanical engineering services, including design and project management

-                      Operational analysis and maintenance management

-                      Technical advice and counsel to operations staff

-                      Management, supervision and co-ordination of all aspects of electrical projects, including consultant management and on-site construction including liaison with engineers, architects, designers & owners.

-                      Preparation and expediting of all site and off-site paperwork.

-                      Management of contractors

-                      Support to Data Center management with engineering value-added services especially in the areas of maintenance, business recovery and contingency planning.

-                      Assistance and back-up support to in-house designers, engineers and managers.

-                      7/24 call in support to all critical centers

-                      Monitoring of all critical activities/projects during center's operations.


And, we’re committed to protecting the integrity of your critical sites.


The following is an outline of all services that our team can deliver on.


Engineering Services


·         Audits/ site reviews/assessments

·         Feasibility studies

·         Phone line technical support

·         On-site troubleshooting

·         Detailed inventory and data logging

·         Monitoring and reporting

·         On site inspections

·         Drawing reviews

·         Design of electrical, UPS, APS systems

·         Design of mechanical, critical cooling, HVAC systems

·         Review and recommendations for building automation and systems

·         Assessments and review of security, CCTV, access control systems

·         Review and recommendations of voice communication, intercom systems

·         Assessments of data communication & infrastructure

·         System testing

·         Commissioning

·         Training

·         Full Documentation


Critical Systems Maintenance Management Services


·         Overall strategy planning to develop a phased maintenance plan

·         Master maintenance schedule – development and management

·         Contract coordination – with suppliers, installers, contractors


Services in these critical facilities include developing and implementing standard maintenance and operating procedures, contract management for base building and tenant specialized systems and equipment, preventive maintenance procedures, emergency response, and disaster recovery of critical systems and equipment.


If required, we can also provide on site contract and project management;


Project Management Services


·         Design coordination and management

·         Planning, scheduling, monitoring

·         Estimating, budgeting

·         Tendering and administration

·         Procurement

·         Contractor management

·         Job commissioning

·         Final job closeout



Minimizing Risk


In order to minimize risk and have a reliable critical site, we will address the following key areas:


·         Identify departments or business units that require 7/ 24 operation

·         Assess if 7/24 availability is a must or can maintenance be done during normal business hours or at least during shoulder hours

·         Establish what is your risk tolerance?

·         Determine if you have adequate redundancy and have the ability to use it effectively

·         Review if you have adequate capacity so that systems do not fail due to overloads

·         Establish whether you can minimize the complexity of the critical systems by “re-engineering” the transfer and maintenance approach

·         Look at obsolescence and collectively discuss whether you have adequate capital cost allocations in future years to upgrade old and obsolete systems

·         Ask the cost benefit question whether cost is an issue or whether minimizing downtime a fundamental objective


There are strict procedures as to what can be done and when it can be done during critical times in critical environments. 


Managing the risk component at all critical sites is a continuous process that requires the cooperation and support of all users.  To meet this end, together with client concurrence, a comprehensive set of procedures and guidelines will be drawn up and implemented, clearly outlining the timeframes under which all activities, scheduled or non-scheduled, could be undertaken.


We are here to provide you with the services you need to carry on with your uninterruptible business

processes and serve your clients effectively.


Contact us at 416-562-6860 and collectively we can start minimizing your risk.



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