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of Ontario to offer professional engineering services.”
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  • Get a free - No obligation - site assessment to determine the amount of savings.
  • 100% financing for all your energy projects is available now.
  • Fuel your projects with energy incentives. Get as much as 50% in free rebates for converting your incandescent and T-12 lighting.
Add sub-metering and let tenants pay their hydro consumption. (Get a meter installation for ZERO cost !) Our metering systems are Measurement Canada approved. Led lighting is now available to substantially reduce energy and labor costs. Do you know you can motion control garage lighting and save money?
Monitor your gas boiler room water temperature and control your boilers. If you have electrically heated suites now is the time to take control of the thermostat. Monitor your gas boiler room water temperature and control your boilers. Add night and day setback to gas operated domestic water boilers.
Add night setback control to gas
powered space heating boilers.
Insulate all of the boiler room pipes and storage tanks to reduce loss of energy.
Minimize risk of fire. Let us perform an infra-red scan of your power distribution.   Interested in green power? We can assess your readiness for solar and wind power.   We do energy audits too.

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