Ontario Electricity News

Electricity Rates Rise Again


In addition to increasing rates, yet again, the Ontario Energy Board has adopted a new policy of setting the peak rate at more than double the off-peak rate. On May 1, 2015 rates will increase an average of 4.6%. That's over 9% annualized. Ontario now has the distinction of having nearly the highest electricity rate among the provinces, second only to PEI which only produces electricity from wind and imports most of its power. The new peak rate increases to 16.1 cents/kWh, that's the price you will pay from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the week unless you sign a contract with a supplier like Canada Energy that offers a fixed rate that does not vary by time of use.





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1)      Apartment Buildings           Electric Heating and Central Boilers 


2)      Condominiums          Chillers , Boilers Suite Heat Pumps and Fan Coils


3)       Office Buildings              Roof Top Units, Make Up Units, Chillers, Boilers


4)     Industrial                 Heavy Machinery, Process Control and Monitoring


5)       Retail       Common Area Heating and Cooling Controls and Monitoring



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